When in Rome! I Didn’t Love Ya, But Didn’t Hate Ya

When in Rome! I Didn’t Love Ya, But Didn’t Hate Ya

I got right into the thriving atmosphere of this living timeline as I explored the Colosseum. I wrapped my head around the history of the Colosseum: how old it is (2,000 years), and all the incredible things that have taken place there. Capable of seating 50,000 spectators, the Colosseum was used for gladiatorial contests and public shows such as mock sea battles, animal hunts, executions, re-enactments of famous battles, and dramas based on Classical Mythology.

After a lengthy exploration at the Colosseum, I continued on foot to check out the Pantheon. Afterwards, I honoured tradition at the Trevi Fountain and threw a coin in the fountain’s waters (meant to improve your chances of returning to Rome!)

Would I like to return to Rome? Or to Italy? Well, I don’t think so. At least not in the near future. I never became connected in any way to the country or to the cities I visited like I have for many others. Of course, Italy was beautiful to experience (especially Venice’s canals), and I never really encountered any rude people that you so continually hear about in Italy . . . but there was nothing that took hold of me like magic here (like what happened while I was in Croatia and Peru).

Perhaps if I do return one day my experience will be completely different . . . but for now, I’ll have to say “Thanks for the memories, Italy.”


My passion for capturing memories through the lens of my camera, my love for food and the joy I find in reflecting on my travel memories using a pen and paper results in a series of blog entries filled with warmth, pure happiness and inspiration. I hope to share a little bit of myself and my adventure of life with you.


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