V. Sattui Napa Valley – More Than Just Wine Tasting

V. Sattui Napa Valley – More Than Just Wine Tasting

As my husband and I finished a scrumptious meal at Cliff House restaurant in San Francisco, we filled in our waitress on where we were heading next: wine country! Upon asking for her recommendations of wineries to visit, she was quick to mention her favourite: V. Sattui.

After hearing such a raving review of this winery in particular, we decided to make it our first vineyard stop. We were warmly welcomed at the entrance where a tall, ornate fountain set the relaxing and charming scene.

Several people were enjoying the picnic area in the gorgeous outdoor setting. The picnic grounds are surrounded by tall oak and walnut trees with dozens of fairy lights strung above. In this instance, it is best to arrive unprepared for a picnic, as V. Sattui has a cheese and deli store! After mindfully selecting your wine, pair it with some cheese and meats and indulge outside. What’s not to love!

I remember wondering why people in the deli seemed so overzealous as they shopped . . . they were eager to grab a hold of the good stuff for their epic outdoor picnic.

If you happen to visit V. Sattui on the weekend, you can enjoy some delicious BBQ. It would be great to make this your lunch and wine tasting destination because they make wood-fired pizzas made to order with fresh mozzarella. Unfortunately, we didn’t visit on a Saturday so we didn’t get the full experience of the barbecue, but we were still very impressed with everything we did experience.

My husband and I enjoyed the best wine tasting we’ve ever had, and we’ve experienced quite a few. The guide was extremely informative and managed to enlighten us on several unique facts we found very interesting . . . way beyond the typical “the colour of wine comes from the grape’s skin” kind of enlightenment.

We sampled a lot of their wines, and ended up going home with a bottle of cabernet sauvignon and the 130th Anniversary Madeira. Even if you don’t normally like ports, I think you’d love this one. Rendering a complexity of caramel, dried plum, honey, maple, and vanilla combined with hazelnuts, almonds and chocolate, it is reinforced with a smooth, silky, and balanced sensation on the palate. This is the oldest Madeira produced in the U.S. and it’s as though the wine waited decades to come to life on your palate. After opening the bottle for the first enjoyment, it remains good for two years!

With hundreds of wineries in the area all offering something unique, narrowing down the list of which wineries to visit can be challenging. Hopefully I made the decision a little easier by ensuring that V. Sattui is added to your list!

Have you visited V. Sattui before? Did you love it as much as I did?


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