Trstenik – Wine & Pirate Parties

Trstenik – Wine & Pirate Parties

The island of Trstenik is a very small island of only 106 residents. I decided to visit the Grgic Vina Winery to swirl and taste some wine. It’s such a quiet place; it hardly feels like anyone lives here. The village is located in a deep bay under tall hills, with a large pebble beach at the base of the bay. With its gorgeous, undamaged location and crystal clear sea, Trstenik is considered one of the most beautiful villages on the Croatian coast.

The water is so bright and blue so I just spent the afternoon walking the trails and taking in the gorgeous sights. At nighttime there was a pirate party so I scrambled around my suitcase to find something I had that could be construed as pirate-y.


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