Travel Excuses – Why People Don’t Travel & Why People Should

Travel Excuses – Why People Don’t Travel & Why People Should

Here you have it: the top excuses I’ve heard for people not wanting to travel and what I have to say about them all.

It costs too much

camping-under-the-starsNot as much as everyone thinks. I am nowhere close to feeling financially content and somehow I have had an absolutely amazing trip at least once a year for the past 5 years in a row. When you are as in love and addicted with travel as I am, you make it happen. I slept in a tent for 5 weeks across Western Europe to make it happen. It’s life . . . on the road. You can be as frugal or extravagant as you want. You can even travel to more economical parts of the world like Africa, South America, or Southeast Asia.

I have had numerous people exclaim to me, “How do you have all this money to do all of this traveling?!” Well, I have you fooled. Because I am in no way a money bag. Some people’s money goes towards a house, a wedding, or a child. I have had none of the above. I made my prerogative years ago that I would spend my 20’s having fun, being spontaneous, and always delving in adventure by traveling often. I do not want to be rooted to one place. I don’t like spending money on objects, I would rather spend it on experiences and seeing the world. So when I do spend money on items, I make a big investment emotionally and financially to purchase and acquire them. Guess where my very small wedding ceremony will be? An exotic destination. It would be killing two birds with one stone!

I may get mugged, raped, killed, or taken hostage

Peace-Love-RevolutionIt’s possible. Although, the likelihood that it will happen in a foreign country is about as likely as it could happen in your own town. After traveling to over 20 countries, I can safely tell you that I am more fearful of violence (and pointless violence) in North America than anywhere else. I was chatting with a friend from Japan I met on my recent travels when the Colorado Batman shooting happened and she said to me, “I don’t understand – why does this happen in America? Things like that don’t happen here.” And she’s right – crazy violence is seen more in America. And I wish I could blame it all on the States and their gun laws, but sadly Canada has seen some horrendous violence over the recent years as well. Every country has violence – but to think that America is the safest place is illogical.

It’s irresponsible

People say this because they actually think that there is a right way and a wrong way to live life: people should settle down and have a family, invest in a home, and do what everyone else is doing. Let me ask you this, if you want to finish life and be able to say: “Hey, I lived a responsible life! Man, that was great!” then, well, great. Personally, this just makes remember that there’s more to life than just being responsible.

jumping_into_the_ocean inspiration

You are running away from something

Sometimes you do need to distance yourself from your past or your routine in order to clear your head or work through a tough situation. Pondering a recent life change while hiking the Inca Trail or questioning your life decisions on a rocky bus in Greece while puking in your hat can actually be the best thing for you. (True stories of mine).


You can’t afford to take a risk right now

Well, there’s never really a good time to take a risk as a risk is the process of taking a chance with no guaranteed outcome. If life were guaranteed – it would be boring. If you’d rather wait until there’s a good time to take a risk . . . then get used to being stuck right where you are today. No risk, no reward.

I  have no one to travel with

So what? I have traveled to 22 countries by myself. I was only alone when I wanted to be – there are so many opportunities to make friends on the road. I have met so many cool people from all over the world, and I know I would have never met them if I had someone from home traveling with me. In my opinion, if you have to get your strength and confidence to travel from someone else – then good luck in life.


It’s not a good time to leave in this economy

There will always be unemployment; there will always be debt. Escaping a bad economy and lying low in a country with a cheap cost of living could actually be a life saver. It’s much easier to be unemployed in Vietnam than it is in New York City as the cost of simply living is vastly different.

And what if you are looking for a job – have you ever thought of making the most of it and hitting the road? That’s what I did when I was unexpectedly out of work. I traveled to South America and came back to find a job 100 times better than the one I left.

For everyone, a seemingly bad situation can end up being a blessing in disguise.


Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck

– Dalai Lama


My passion for capturing memories through the lens of my camera, my love for food and the joy I find in reflecting on my travel memories using a pen and paper results in a series of blog entries filled with warmth, pure happiness and inspiration. I hope to share a little bit of myself and my adventure of life with you.


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