The Glorious Grand Canyon

The Glorious Grand Canyon

You have always heard so much about the immense tourist attraction that is the Grand Canyon: in movies, in Hoveround electric wheelchair TV commercials, and the whole thing starts to sound a bit cliché.

But visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time truly puts you at a loss for words.

It is incredibly massive – more massive than you would have ever imagined. It is also even more breathtaking and beautiful than you would have ever imagined. Learning how the canyon was created is both puzzling and fascinating. Over the course of an unimaginable time span of several million years, it has formed into what it is today. Alternating between ocean and desert dozens of times, it is a unique combination of size, colour, and dazzling forms of erosion, all unique to a specific colour.

There are surprisingly not very many railings whatsoever. Sometimes, I would look down past my feet and there would be absolutely nothing preventing me from losing my balance and plummeting several thousand feet below into the jagged abyss of a gorge. It is morbid thoughts as this associated with being up so dangerously high, whether on a building ledge, apartment balcony, and now a ledge of the Grand Canyon, that creates such a sublime fascination.  As a result, I’d inch even closer to the edge and feel my stomach drop and become weak in the legs, Bambi style.

At 446 km in length, 30 km in width, and 2 km in depth, your senses become overwhelmed fathoming the sheer size and the many precarious lookout ledges. I hiked to six different viewing points along the South Rim, each offering unique angles and perceptions of the canyon but my very favourite were Maricopa Point, Powell Point and Hopi Point.

Trailview Overlook

IMG_9397 IMG_9400 IMG_9413


IMG_9425 IMG_9418

Lizard enjoying the view

Lizard enjoying the view


Bambi legs

Bambi legs

The ant-like people at the top really put the size and true scale into perspective!

The ant-like people at the top really put the size and true scale into perspective!

Maricopa Point

IMG_9465 IMG_9466 IMG_9475

 Powell Point

IMG_9480 IMG_9485 IMG_9489 IMG_9488 IMG_9491

Hopi Point

IMG_9494 IMG_1178 IMG_9497 IMG_1172 IMG_1193 IMG_1175


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