Swish of the Pencil: Writing From The Heart

Swish of the Pencil: Writing From The Heart

When I am overwhelmed, confused, and uncertain, with so many thoughts bouncing around in my head, I need to write. When I am writing, I can feel the excess energy flowing down my arms, filling my hands, surging through my fingers, and gushing out my finger tips onto the paper or keyboard.

The backspacing, the dot dot dot’s, the highlighting, the underlining, the question marks, the erasing: it is all parallel to the happenings in my own life. The retreating, the pausing, the recognizing, the emphasizing, the questioning, and the eradicating . . . it all corresponds to something or someone, past or present, of which I am currently writing.

I find writing to be beautiful. It can be so eloquent that colours, images, and faces will glow right off the page, inviting you in. The sound of the pencil swishing, the keys pattering, and the eraser rubbing is a mini symphony of creativity and imagination.

Contemplating certain words, letters, and characters with such poise allows your mind, your soul, to reflect upon others effortlessly. That is the best kind of writing. When your world and thoughts are shared for others to consider and respond. When you touch, inspire, and move others when you had no idea you could. When something you write resonates within another, fueling them with much needed encouragement and inspiration.

To get the most out of writing, fearlessness of judgment and the honesty that goes along with it has the most powerful impacts on readers and on you. Readers want to know, feel, and relate with your words. Hold nothing back. Writing from the heart will be challenging, and it will be fearsome. But most of all, it will heal.


My passion for capturing memories through the lens of my camera, my love for food and the joy I find in reflecting on my travel memories using a pen and paper results in a series of blog entries filled with warmth, pure happiness and inspiration. I hope to share a little bit of myself and my adventure of life with you.


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