Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Frozen & Wintry Niagara Falls

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Frozen & Wintry Niagara Falls

After spending a couple days in Niagara region, the falls themselves are always the perfect way to end the trip. This particular time of year in limbo between winter and spring was a great time to visit because there was still so much snow coverage but the temperature was considerably milder. This winter was another record-breaking season in terms of low temperatures recorded. The winter before we had broken the records in high snow levels. This year we had the pleasure of consistent record-breaking freezes.

I was even more impressed by the falls this time around then when I visited back in the summer. The crowds were very minimal, and the snow and ice coverage added a whole new layer of beauty. The way the rainbow appeared above the horseshoe falls and then split into a double rainbow was just so gorgeous! The colours in the rainbow really popped and stood out against the bright white snow backdrop.

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