Québec City – Promenade du Vieux-Québec

Québec City – Promenade du Vieux-Québec

Vieux Québec is a historic neighbourhood of Québec and the capital city of the province itself. It is very different from Montréal because of the architecture, history, and European influences everywhere you look. The hilly cobble stoned streets are lined with bakeries, stop-in-your-tracks artwork, and let’s not forget Chateau Frontenac overlooking the entire city, dominating the skyline. There are also hundreds of cyclists that ride along the very long shore of the St. Lawrence River.

I think the most important thing in regards to speaking or not speaking French, is your attitude. I found that the locals are appreciative of even the slightest effort to communicate, even if it’s just a Bonjour or Merci! I had my soup taken away from me due to my misunderstanding of the waitresses words. But at least I tried. The French accents of Montréal and Québec City are very different.

We also did a mini venture out to the Montmorency Falls – a large waterfall on the Montmorency River located about 12 km from the heart of old Québec City. There were very pretty views from up there whilst I enjoyed a chocolate ice cream cone. That night, there was an outdoor Cirque du Soleil concert back in the city! It was free, too. In the summertime they do it almost every week! A bonus I wasn’t expecting to have when I came to Québec City, but a very pleasant surprise it was.

My favourite thing to do while exploring this beautiful, beautiful city was just walk around and take in the sights and explore . . . as well as eat fudge. I loved the Cirque du Soleil show, the nighttime lights at the harbour, and especially how Chateau Frontenac looked over you wherever you were.


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