Prince Edward Island – Walking in the Shoes of Anne of Green Gables

Prince Edward Island – Walking in the Shoes of Anne of Green Gables

As a huge Anne of Green Gables fan when I was younger (and still today), visiting Prince Edward Island where the story all began was fascinating. PEI is the country’s smallest province and next to the irrepressible Anne of Green Gables, it is also famous for red sand beaches, red soil, and potatoes. I loved the sand, enriched in colour by its high iron levels. Running along the red,sloping sand dunes made me feel like I was in Anne’s shoes, especially when I stood gazing out into the Atlantic.

My very favourite part was visiting the Green Gables Heritage site in Cavendish. Every summer about 2,000 people per day flood through the gates of this Prince Edward Island National Park to enjoy the wooded hills and walking trails. But this site offers a twist. Here, fact and fiction blur. The farm house preserved on the property was the home of author Lucy Maud Montgomery’s relatives and is apparently the inspiration for Green Gables of novel fame. The surrounding forest is the haunted woods that inspired Anne’s imagination. Walking through the forest myself I could hear the same sounds of tree trunks rubbing together creating the droning, creaking noise that used to scare Anne out of her wits.

“Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” – Anne


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