On Creating Positive Energy for Positive Change

On Creating Positive Energy for Positive Change

I believe that life is a messy and confusingly incredible piece of art. For every good act, there are several acts of absolute horror, acts that seem carried out by none other than the Devil himself. The severity of such evil seems to stem even beyond such heavy, heated pieces of life such as religion, control, power, and hate. It feels like it comes from beneath us, way beneath us, from such a dark, twisted, and sickening place, that is sadly gaining more and more light. Unfortunately this light seems to be bringing evil closer to life, closer to home, year after year, day after day.

It doesn’t seem real how evil the world can be.

And in such dark times, and in the midst of the surefire debates over social media, people will post their opinions. People will begin their debates and arguments with one another in an attempt to place blame on someone or something. Because it has to be someone’s fault and it has to be prevented. Everyone is rightfully upset and angry, demanding to know why such things happen. Often we hear the response that, “This is simply the world we live in,” and “We live in a sick world,” etc.

I hate that.

I hate that’s what we are telling one another, not because I don’t agree with it but because I do. Social media can be so unbelievably powerful, but in no way is it powerful enough to neatly wrap up these events into a nice, settled conclusion and prevent them from happening again in the future.

We are still in charge of how we live our own lives and how we carry out our day-to-day actions. And there is where I see room for change and positive growth, to ourselves as individuals, because that is essentially the only thing we have control over. This reflection is not to take away from those that have suffered, and those that are suffering. It is impossible to go on with your day without pausing for a moment to reflect on how many people’s lives have changed for the worse, and imagining yourself in their place. Those are thoughts that are really hard to shake. However, it’s where I realize that sometimes we are truly helpless in this world, and the answers to the question “why” will, most of the time, never be known.

When we are unable to find answers beyond ourselves we are always able to look within ourselves and honour our place in the world, while treating others with kindness, being considerate of other people’s feelings, valuing friends and family and especially taking good care of ourselves. All positive and important things to put into the world. I personally believe that it goes a long way, because if the world is black, each positive thing we do in a day will provide some light to brighten it back up . . . and that counts for something.

I realize this concept is so small, much too minuscule to even begin to touch the complexity of the darkness and evils in the world. The fact that there are sick people, tragic adversities, incurable illnesses, natural disasters, and corrupt politics will sadly be a constant for as long as we can see. But what else can you do besides honour all that you have – your health, your freedom, your independence? Do you have the ability to live a happy and healthy life? You should make every effort to do that. To do otherwise would be the biggest disservice to yourself and others.

The things you say, the things you think, the things you do (including the things you don’t do) all produce energy that impacts you and the people around you. Work on creating more positive energy and you’ll see improvements in your life – touching more lives than you thought possible along the way.

I write my thoughts and feelings down as they are usually momentary and fleeting. A post such as this one is like a screenshot into my mind, right now in this moment. Hoping for what you want and working for what you want never means getting what you want, and it takes an unknown matter of time to be sure. In that time you wait. Most times you have done all you can. Most times you feel defeat when things don’t seem to be moving at all. But things are always moving, whether you choose to see it or not.

One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you can’t change.

I don’t always know what I am doing or where I am going, but I do know I am trying to make the most out of this one life. For me that means traveling when I can, meeting new and exciting people, and not being afraid to say yes to opportunities. To get a little dirty and scraped up, to know that scars are part of the process. That we all have baggage and we must all decide how we will carry it. To not fester. To let things be as they are. To not compare myself to others, to cherish what I have, what I have gained, and to appreciate how very lucky I am.


My passion for capturing memories through the lens of my camera, my love for food and the joy I find in reflecting on my travel memories using a pen and paper results in a series of blog entries filled with warmth, pure happiness and inspiration. I hope to share a little bit of myself and my adventure of life with you.


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