Aegean Paradise of Mykonos

Aegean Paradise of Mykonos

After Istanbul, it was on to the Aegean paradise of Mykonos – the island of white-washed houses, windmills and blue domed churches. While walking around and exploring, we came across “Pedro,” the fattest pelican you will ever see. He is very well known on the island and just hangs out, being fat as can be.

It was a breeze to relax on this island with its azure seas, golden beaches, and young, vibrant party culture. It’s really not hard to see why it’s one of the most famous islands in Greece. We headed to Paradise Beach – world renowned for its warm water and party vibe.

What can I say about Mykonos cocktails . . . Well, they are a) very strong b) very expensive and c) very decorative.  These drinks cost about 10 Euros each, but as they were almost 100% alcohol, I got my money’s worth. There are so many people drinking, swimming, and dancing. I was told to look out for “The Elephant Man” and that I would know what it was when I saw it. Sure enough, I noticed a guy wearing nothing but an elephant G-string.

We grabbed a sun lounger and a cocktail, rotating between sunbathing and swimming for a blissful experience. The music was really loud and everyone was getting up on the tables to dance. There was a dance floor, so Helen and I decided to dance on it, however . . .  we were groped in every which way possible. Our eyes bugged out and we jumped down, laughing at how insane everyone was.


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