Monaco & the Ritzy Monte Carlo

Monaco & the Ritzy Monte Carlo

Monaco sure is its own very ritzy country. With an area of 2 km squared and a population of 36,000, Monaco is the second smallest and most densely populated country in the world!

At nighttime I went to the Monte Carlo casino. I am no fun when it comes to gambling, especially being on a budget camping trip. I couldn’t afford to buy myself lunch some days and I ate the leftovers of others like a scavenger. As soon as I heard we were going to the casino I immediately thought of flashing lights, noise, and cha-ching. However, this casino was completely quiet. There was no talking, no flashing lights, and no cha-ching. It was still really fancy though, with jewels and chandeliers.

The cold that I came down with in Spain was still very present. I frequently had coughing fits at times and did not want to begin one in the Monte Carlo. Unfortunately, I had no such luck and I went through multiple coughing fits before hobbling to the bar and ordering a virgin orange juice in a chain smoker voice. With my orange juice in hand, I stood awkwardly around some of the gamblers playing and pretended as though I knew what was going on. I just ooo’ed, awe’d, and clapped when everyone else did. I pretended to look really impressed at the the gentleman next to me playing as he subtly looked around for praise.

The man beside me asked where we were all staying and I told him that we were camping. He didn’t believe me.


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