Korcula – Sailing, Swim Stops & Secret Alleyways

Korcula – Sailing, Swim Stops & Secret Alleyways

The island of Korcula is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic Sea with abundant vineyards and olive groves. The town is the birthplace of Marco Polo and appears as a medieval town with tall towers, castles, cobblestone streets, and charming alleyways. In the morning and afternoons my boat would frequently anchor so I could enjoy a swimming stop (and jump off the top deck). After a refreshing swim in the gorgeous water I’d head into town and discover new places to eat and explore.

Whether it was relaxing on top of the boat or just strolling through the streets, I completely admired the gorgeous views of the green mountains lining the deep blue waters. Anchor after anchor and stop after stop, it didn’t take long for me to completely fall in love with the country of Croatia.

Croatian pizza can fairly and justly rival Italian pizza, in my opinion. For dinner on one of my nights in Korcula I had a giant and delectable pizza. Even though the pizza was so big I had absolutely no troubles devouring it all. The flavous were divine on that delicious thin and crispy crust. After dinner I would always explore the narrow and beautiful cobblestone streets and alleyways to see where they would take me.



My passion for capturing memories through the lens of my camera, my love for food and the joy I find in reflecting on my travel memories using a pen and paper results in a series of blog entries filled with warmth, pure happiness and inspiration. I hope to share a little bit of myself and my adventure of life with you.


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