iPhoneography: Dreamy Sunsets of Barbados

iPhoneography: Dreamy Sunsets of Barbados

Normally, I travel everywhere with my camera, no matter the inconvenience. But when my husband and I traveled to Barbados for our good friends’ wedding, my camera was rarely spotted. After my unfortunate incident in Carmel-by-the-sea, I kept my camera tucked away safely, out of the harmful reach of the ocean’s waves and blowing sand. So, the majority of my photos from my time in beautiful Barbados were snapped on my iPhone.

What made the trip extra gratifying was the fact we escaped the harsh Canadian winter in the month of February, one of the coldest and snowiest months of the year! Absolute paradise for us Canadians, desperate for sunshine and warmth nearing the end of a long, frigid winter.

Probably one of my favourite feelings ever is to have spent a full day swimming in the ocean, feeling invigorated and rejuvenated from the ocean’s saltwater, drying off in the warm breeze, with waves of my own forming in my hair.

I left these photos untouched, unedited, and unfiltered. Straight from my iPhone, I would love to share just how beautiful the sunsets were in Dover Beach, Barbados:

The two silhouettes out in the ocean belong to an elderly couple that waded into the waves holding hands. So sweet :)

Pretty dreamy, right?


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