Iguassu Falls – Brazil’s View

Iguassu Falls – Brazil’s View

As I mentioned in my Iguassu Falls – Argentina’s View post, there is often much debate over which country has the better views of Iguassu Falls: Argentina or Brazil. I think that both sides each have something different to offer. The Argentinean side has water activities to choose from, such as boating below the falls. There is also a larger system of boardwalks and trails enabling a much closer view and the chance to feel the rushing water’s spray.  Brazil, however, had several rainbows stretching across its falls.

There were several colourful butterflies flitting by, and coati’s (the Brazilian cousin to the raccoon) walking up close to the tourists and sniffing around for some food. Iguassu Falls must absolutely be visited from both countries to receive the full Iguassu experience. I don’t believe there is a “better” side – both must be visited to achieve the beauty in its entirety.


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