The Spirit of Delphi

The Spirit of Delphi

It was an early morning when I headed to very spiritual Delphi. The sunrise driving in was so mystical. Delphi is known as the centre for worshiping Apollo, one of Zeus’s sons. The oracle of Delphi was a spiritual experience where people would ask the spirit of Apollo questions or request an omen. Whether or not you believe in the channeling of Gods or spirits is an individual thing . . . but even the most skeptical person must realize that there is something magical going on in Delphi. After thousands of years it is still attracting millions of visitors a year, making me believe that some of that magic is still there. Many people who come to Delphi claim they have felt “something,” and I sure feel like I did! I believe, along with many others, that the spirit of Apollo still lives in Delphi. Just as he was thousands of years ago, he is still available now.

In my opinion, the oracle at Delphi poses an interesting question that every person should ask themselves during their visit. If every single person in Greek history was convinced that they communicated with a spirit at this sacred spot, how likely is it that the spirit just went away or died? Did it get bored and pack up its holy luggage and move on to some other sacred site or wither away like fruit on a tree that goes unpicked? Or, is it more likely that the spirit is still continuing to speak to us and we have simply lost our ability or desire to listen?

If you go to Delphi, listen with your heart, because someone or something may be trying to communicate with you.


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