Camel Love & Kisses for the Sphinx

Camel Love & Kisses for the Sphinx

Sitting on a camel for the first time is surprisingly nerve-racking. As soon as I mounted the camel when it was lying down, the camel shot upright and wobbled to a stand with me hanging on for dear life. I towered over the local boy who walked around with me.

My camel was pretty nonchalant and easy to “steer.” He appeared to love my harem pants (or Aladdin pants as I like to call them) that I purchased in Turkey. He rubbed his head in circles over and over again against my leg.

After the camel ride, I ventured on to see the Sphinx. The best part were the local boys and girls running towards me, welcoming me, requesting to take my photo.

But not just any ordinary photo did they want to take. Taking photos every day to dozens and dozens of people, they are pros knowing exactly how to position you in order to produce an iconic Sphinx shot: kissing it, punching it, leaning on it, putting my sunglasses on it, etc.

I handed my camera to a young girl who happily took photos of me. “Turn here,” “Hand there,” “Higher here,” “Lower there.” She was so quick with my movements – it took her only seconds to position me for each photo. She was adorable.

At one point, the little girl had to run away and she said she’d be right back. As I waited for her to return, a little boy approached me and asked to take my photos. I told him I already had help and thanked him anyway. He said the girl from before was his sister, and that she wouldn’t mind. So, I handed him my camera and he proceeded to get me to do a bunch of other fun poses. Soon, the girl came barreling towards us, yelling absurdly at her brother. The two of them argued over me, pushing and pulling me in opposite directions . . . Oops.

I was already really excited about the photos they took of me so I handed them both a nice tip (and to also hopefully settle the feud). Instantly the dispute was settled. “Thank you. You are very beautiful,” the little girl said to me. I thanked her again and said she was an awesome photographer. I regret not thinking to take her photo at the time, but I still remember her pretty face and her bright smile.


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