The Bustle & Buzz of Bangkok

The Bustle & Buzz of Bangkok

Right upon arriving in Bangkok, the buzz I felt was immediate. Zigzagging tuk-tuks, streetside BBQs, neon lights, and buzzing street life encapsulated my surroundings. Bangkok is an easy starting point when first venturing to Southeast Asia because it’s very Western friendly. It’s as the locals say, “same same, but different.”

I began by meandering through the many markets along the streets and ate some spring rolls. I was frequently approached by vendors wanting to sell me the same fruit basket that folded into an elephant. I was impressed with this basket originally, but by the 20th time it was offered, the novelty quickly faded.

Eventually, a lady vendor with a colourful jester-esque hat approached me with her basket stuffed with necklaces and bracelets, and I couldn’t resist. She looked so enthusiastic as she showcased her supply of jewellery, and something about her hat warmed me up to her. Perhaps it was how she took the hat off her head and put it on mine and said, “beautiful,” looking genuinely impressed.

For dinner I had chicken pad thai, while others munched on some scorpions on a stick being served in the streets. I knew I could not consume anything with pinchers, let alone a long ribbed tail and spidery legs.

Despite me not consuming anything too authentic (i.e. insects), I did watch some authentic Thai entertainment. Watch is actually too strong a word. By “watch,” I mean shielding my eyes from the stage every two seconds.

This entertainment is referred to as Patpong.

I had no idea what this was before arriving in Bangkok. I heard people murmuring and giggling, while talking about ping pong. I was wondering what was so funny about watching ping pong. Ping pong? Patpong? I didn’t understand.

Patpong is an entertainment district in Bangkok that caters mainly to tourists. While it is known internationally as a red light district at the heart of Bangkok’s sex industry, it’s only one of several. After watching a Sex Show in Amsterdam, I wasn’t interested in witnessing anything of the sort again. Once I learned what Patpong was and what kind of “ping pong” show I would be witnessing, I headed back to the hotel to get my camera so I could explore the streets and take photos instead. Much more up  my alley. However, as I reappeared with my camera, I was included via an accidental head count, and the peer pressure took off from there.

So off we all went. The bright side is that the transportation we took to get there was the most fun I have ever experienced in any kind of transport: a Bangkok tuk-tuk! It blasted music, flashed lights, and sped around the streets like a gimpy firecracker. The driver even started fist pumping with both his hands (meaning no hands on the wheel).

The show itself made me feel queasy and I wanted to leave immediately.

But at least I found enjoyment and entertainment from our transportation there and back, right?

Despite the questionable entertainment on that night in particular, I really enjoyed my time in Bangkok. I love how bustling, exciting, and different from home it is, and the locals are very friendly and happy to help you. I had no time to notice or feel my jet lag because I was always so engaged with all the new and different foods, sounds, and smells.

Another favourite thing about Bangkok, or Thailand in general, are the Thai massages. I can’t profess enough how much I love a Thai massage. Not only are they cheap, ($5 for an hour), but they are so impressive, physically! These Thai ladies would perform deep tissue massages while physically moving me from head to toe; bending me into a pretzel, lifting me into a bow, swinging me from side to side, pulling my ankle with her hand while pressing into my hamstring with her foot . . . a lot of hard work! I compare these massages to the ones I receive at home that cost 20 times more, and are nothing in comparison.

I also really enjoyed saying hello or thank you in Thai, because you would do a little head nod with your hands lightly pressed at “heart centre” (that’s the Yogi in me talking).


My passion for capturing memories through the lens of my camera, my love for food and the joy I find in reflecting on my travel memories using a pen and paper results in a series of blog entries filled with warmth, pure happiness and inspiration. I hope to share a little bit of myself and my adventure of life with you.


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