Escargot & Wine Tasting in Bordeaux

Escargot & Wine Tasting in Bordeaux

Never again will I veer away from escargot when I see it listed on a restaurant menu! What do I envision when I think of snails: groups of them hiding underneath a rock of course, or sliding down caution tape as my sister and me used to find them them in our garden and race them down caution tape when we were little. However, aside from being piping hot and a little difficult to remove from their shell, snails are very easy and yummy to eat – tasting like a very garlic-y mushroom.

Fresh baguettes were served with every meal I had in France. Now along with the bread, there were endless bottles of wine in sight at the dinner table.  We went to a wine tasting in Bordeaux, and sampled about 8 blends of wine on an empty stomach after a 6 hour bus ride. I handled it surprisingly well!

The campsite in Paris was anything but luxury: no toilet paper, soap, or hot water. This is the site that set the tone for the future campsites and I braced myself to endure these conditions for the next month . . . but once arriving at our campsite in Bordeaux, I had nothing to worry about. The site was stunning, right in the middle of a beautiful vineyard.


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