Apple Tree Historic B&B: To Your Heart It Holds The Key

Apple Tree Historic B&B: To Your Heart It Holds The Key

A ruby red door, white picket fence, and meringue-hued house are the charming first impressions of the Apple Tree Historic Bed and Breakfast in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Full of character with rich colour, artwork, antique décor, and a grand crackling fireplace, it is the essence of a cozy winter getaway.

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The warmth is felt in an instant upon entering this 1820’s historical home. The inviting atmosphere faded away the winter chill from outside. After a friendly welcome by the hosts, Dave and Gail, we were recommended by them various restaurants, pubs, and wineries to visit. We were then promptly shown our room for the evening, Golden Delicious, which is one of three apple-inspired rooms in addition to the Macintosh and Granny Smith.

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I particularly enjoyed the character felt and heard in the creaking century old pinewood flooring. I felt like I had stepped back in time into a new era. Of course I love anything vintage, romantic, antique, and from another time, so this environment was a dream for me. There was a quaint four-poster canopy bed with colourful rose petals strewn about the bedding. An electric fireplace gently murmured in the corner and an inviting Jacuzzi tub awaited in the bathroom.

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As I was unpacking my belongings I heard the distinct sound of a horse clip-clopping down the street. I pulled back the curtains, peered out the window, and watched two horses pulling a carriage gracefully stride along.

The location of Apple Tree B&B is greatly convenient, as it is a very short walk from the main street and everything lovely about the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Several great restaurants, sweet shops, cafes, and beautiful historic homes line the streets. I personally have a weakness for the fudge shop – I intended to leave with one brick and one brick only of fudge but instead found myself purchasing four. I told myself that the others would be for gifts, but it didn’t take long for me to rip into each brick of fudge not too long after.

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Waking up to the smell of Gail’s breakfast and French pressed coffee was heavenly. We got to enjoy our morning coffee next to the thriving fire that Dave built for us. I felt so pampered at the breakfast table with a delicious two course breakfast: freshly squeezed orange juice, warm raisin scones, fresh blueberries with fluffy whipped cream, followed by creamy poached eggs sprinkled with fresh herbs and bacon.

After we finished our breakfast (well, inhaled is more fitting of a word), Dave and Gail finished their coffee with us and we chatted about everything from travel, cooking, food, and more food, (we all love to eat). Gail was only too happy to print off some of her favourite recipes for me and share some of her favourite cooking tips.

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It couldn’t be any clearer how much Dave and Gail love to entertain, and it certainly showed by how welcome we felt during our stay.

Relax, top up your glass with the local wine, and enjoy a peaceful stay with your hosts Dave and Gail. Whatever the season, an evening or two in this historical home will be one of your most memorable. The warm and charming atmosphere is something you do not come by often. A stay at the Apple Tree B&B is truly special and one I couldn’t recommend enough! To your heart it holds the key.


Looking for a memorable stay at a Bed and Breakfast but don’t know where to start? Dave and Gail can help you out with their web site Best Bed and Breakfast, helping you find B&B’s or Country Inns from around Canada or the US.


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