5 Dangerous Tourism Hotspots to Be Aware Of

5 Dangerous Tourism Hotspots to Be Aware Of

As a keen traveler, I’ve made it my mission to visit as many places as I possibly can on my bucket list. Yet, as I try to keep a healthy mind and body throughout my travels, I have often found myself getting uneasy with the safety of some destinations across the world. After all, we would all probably enjoy traveling even more if we had the chance to explore ancient and exotic streets that aren’t filled with tourists, their backpacks, and their selfie sticks!

Over the course of my own travels, I have managed to create a log of the 5 most dangerous tourism hotspots to be aware of, so you can travel safely and tick even more destinations off of that list.

Skellig Michael – Kerry, Ireland

Ireland is one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet, but like many countries around the world, it has been used as a filming location for one of the most popular film series in history. Yes, it is one of the filming locations for Star Wars! Because of this, more and more tourists and Star Wars fans alike have dawned on the island of Skellig Michael to recreate some pretty awesome scenes in the movie.

However, this former ancient monastery has not been given a modern touch since the monks used to live there, which means there are around 600 crumbling steps that aren’t equipped to hold so many thudding feet…

New Smyrna Beach – Florida, United States of America

A trip to Florida would not be complete without a trip to the beach. As one of the most famous surfing and swimming destinations in the United States, New Smyrna Beach is always teeming with visitors wanting to grab their boards or just paddle in the cool waters.

While this beach may be beautiful and offer gnarly surf, New Smyrna Beach is also a dangerous tourist hotspot, thanks to the other residents that live here. In fact, this beach boasts more sharks per square mile than any other beach across the globe, and there have been around 40 fatal attacks here in the last 30 years.

Running of the Bulls – Pamplona, Spain

Whether you’re for or against the Spanish tradition, the Running of the Bulls ceremony in Pamplona, Spain is truly a sight to behold. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors from across Spain and the rest of the world descend onto the streets of Pamplona to try to outrun a raging bull.

However, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that this might not be the greatest idea. Alongside the pickpockets that take advantage of the unwitting tourists and their fresh euros, this tradition also features danger from the bull itself, who gets pretty darn angry.


Hollywood Walk of Fame – Hollywood, United States of America

Walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame is like a rite of passage and many people from America make it their mission to see the iconic stars at least once in their life. But is it worth it? Well, apart from the fact that it has been dubbed extremely underwhelming and a little tacky, this area of Hollywood is also one of the most dangerous tourism hotspots in the US. From pickpockets to loiterers and beggars, the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been home to numerous criminal incidents.

Alnwick Gardens – Northumberland, United Kingdom

If you ever find yourself in the United Kingdom, you just have to check out some of the amazing parks and gardens that this wondrous country has to offer. While it can be tempting to visit the Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland, you might want to think twice. Hidden within the walls of Alnwick Castle is a gated garden called The Poison Garden – and I bet you don’t need two guesses as to what’s inside here.

With thousands of poisonous plants to its name, visitors are allowed inside, but not allowed to touch these plants. Yet, that hasn’t stopped visitors from passing out from the toxic fumes…

Although traveling is one of the best experiences you can enjoy, it can also be dangerous. Do you have any more dangerous tourism hotspots to be aware of?

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